Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Tin Man is a total Dumb Ass. Just saying...

Courtesy of fractured-fairytales

 Man, I thought last weekend sucked.

Thanks for showing me you can always one-up yourself, universe!

I'm sitting here now, wondering what the hell the Tin Man was thinking--he wanted a heart? Really? I'd gladly give him mine right now. Except, I'm busy sweeping up all of the little pieces off the floor (hold me back, I may be going emo).

The human heart is a strange thing, indeed. It's memory is frighteningly short. It regenerates--slower than a freaking snail in molasses. It threatens to usurp your brain at every turn. It's kind of like a kid let loose in a candy shop--it's going to over-indulge, forgetting that too much candy makes you crazy, ignoring the brain's message that you will make yourself barf if you don't stop sucking down the crap, right now!

And so you barf. And then your heart sits there, crying, wondering why something bad happened. Stupid organ.

So back to this idiot Tin Man. The Wizard gives him a freaking clock in the shape of a heart, and he gets all emotional. The thing ticks and he thinks life is good. You know what else ticks? Bombs. Nice one, Mr. Wizard. Give the metrosexual, metal man a heart that you know is only going to explode on the poor sap.

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