Monday, January 16, 2017

Create Every Day Week 2

Being back at work is infringing on my creative time. For those that don't know me, I am a special education teacher plus I work after hours at an alternative education program. My day runs, non-stop from 7:30 - 4:30. When I say non-stop, I really mean it--I have someone who needs me, is looking for me, or is creating more work for me, every second of every day.

So I leave work absolutely exhausted. By the time I get home and sit down, my brain is pretty useless for a couple of hours. So this past week, I was physically unable to create every day. I honestly didn't have the energy and brain capacity.

But I did try to fit it in when I was feeling like I could string a coherent thought together. One night I just colored. Until my new kitty decided that the colored pencils were the bane of his existence and he needed to DESTROY! Kind of hard to stay in the lines with a ten pound, furry ball of crazy climbing all over you.

Here are the other pieces I managed to squeeze in.

Photoshop assignment for class, practicing using & creating brushes. The subject is above said ball of kitty terror.

Another Photoshop assignment. This one I found kind of boring, but there's a lot that went into the picture--just doesn't look like much!

The single alcohol ink painting I played with. Working on more fields & multi-toned backgrounds. Trying all sorts of techniques to create flowers that I like.

I have already my Monday piece for next week, so I know I will have at least one fun thing to share next time! Enjoy your week!